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A site for Residents by Residents *

So many things to do, So little time to do it in ...
  This site is designed to serve those Residents currently enrolled in the Saudi Residency Board Program for Orthopedic Surgery. Those as other Residents in other Programs that have very minimal time to spend in other than their work. This site gives those Residents a brief look at the upcoming events and activities related to the Program in order to keep up to date, and to aid in organization and prioritization of their efforts. We will try to keep the site as up to date as possible, And would appreciate any assistance in doing so. And always Remember, This site is what you make of it !


   Here we will attempt to keep you up to date with the latest meetings, gatherings and workshops of interest to you, Not to mention upcoming exams and evaluation settings.   We will also attempt to provide you with information on the latest books and journals circulating among the Residents in addition to other available media resources.     

Next Monday Activity.......10th of March, 2003.......KFSH&RC ........Surgical exposures of the Hip.........Complications of THR....

   In order to gain the utmost benefit from the site we do suggest that you assign it as your home page on your browser and Always Remember to click on the the refresh button on the the top of your Browser in order to be sure that you are looking at the most recent edition of the site. 

Next Orthopedic Club Meeting......29th March, 2003......KFNGH......

  The site will hopefully be updated at least once a week in order to keep up with our Monday activities.                                                  

Saudi French Spine Course & Cadaveric Workshop......23rd March, 2003....RKH......

Last updated on 24th Feb, 2003

* This site is in no way form or fashion an official site of the Saudi Residency Board Program. - free web hosting. Free hosting with no banner.




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